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TCS Manufacturingtm AR Style Bore Guide

TCS Manufacturing AR Style Bore Guide

TCS Manufacturing AR Style Bore Guide

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The TCS Manufacturingtm AR Style bore guide properly aligns the cleaning jag and patch or brush with the bore. This tool prevents the rod from hitting the sides of the bore. It also prevents dirt, oil and solvent from falling into the action. This speeds up cleaning and prevents damage to the chamber and barrel.

TCS Manufacturingtm AR Style Gas Tube Cleaning Guide

TCS Manufacturing Cleaning Guide

TCS Manufacturing Gas Tube Cleaning Guide

The TCS Manufacturing Gas Tube Cleaning Guide properly aligns the Gas Tube Cleaner with the Gas Tube. It makes it easy to clean the gas tube,and prevents dirt, oil, and solvent from falling in the action, while speeding up cleaning and preventing damage to the gas tube.

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New TCS Manufacturingtm AR-15, M4, M16 Upper Receiver and Buffer Tube Cleaning Jag

New TCS Manufacturing AR-15 Upper Receiver Cleaning Jag New TCS Manufacturing AR-15 Upper and Buffer Tube Cleaning Jag

For the first time ever, this revolutionary new tool allows you to easily clean and lubricate the upper receiver and buffer tube on AR-15 style rifles. This tool easily works with the interrupted cuts in the AR-15 receiver. The unique o-rings design of this jag holds onto the patch for the entire process, allowing you to scrub the action and remove burnt on built up gas residue. This tool is also excellent for applying lubricant to the action. This jag, also bypasses the buffer tube retaining pin, and makes cleaning the buffer tube easy(Please note: that the buffer and buffer spring must be removed for this purpose). This product has standard 5/16x27 threads that fit our new New TCS Manufacturingtm AR-15 Upper and Buffer Tube Cleaning Rod (Coming Soon) and all standard shotgun rods and adaptors.

Jag working with interrupted cuts

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Now Announcing The Much Awaited New TCS Manufacturingtm16 Gauge Shotgun Jag

New TCS Manufacturing 16 Gauge Jag New TCS Manufacturing 16 gauge jag

Our customers have loved the TCS Manufacturingtm line of cleaning jags. We have been inundated with requests for a 16 Gauge Jag, and it is finally finished. With all the great features of our other jags, the 16 Gauge Jag allows the die hard 16 Gauge fans to clean their guns with the same ease and speed associated with our other jags.

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TCS Manufacturingtm Shotgun Magazine Tube Cleaning Jag

12 Gauge Magazine Tube Jag 20 Gauge Magazine Tube Jag

TCS Manufacturingtm Shotgun magazine tube patch jags are designed specifically for cleaning shotgun magazine tubes and is made with pride in the USA. These patch jags press the patch that has been treated with solvent or bore paste against the magazine tube to mechanically strip out debris that could inhibit your guns smooth feeding. These Jags are the only jag on the market designed to clean magazine tubes. “The proof is on the patch”. In addition to cleaning, our jags are also used for oiling the magazine for storage. Our shotgun jags fit all standard rods with 5/16x27 threads. In addition to this product, we suggest you purchase USP Bore Paste and Round TCS Manufacturingtm Patches for Shotguns. These patches are the perfect size for use with our jags and other patches may cause problems with tight fit. Square patches should not be used with our jags.

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TCS ManufacturingtmAR Platform Cleaning Kit

TCS Manufacturing AR15 Cleaning Kit

TCS Manufacturing's AR Cleaning Kit is the last cleaning kit you will ever need to buy. This is the ultimate cleaning kit for cleaning every single piece and part of the AR rifle platform. No other kit is this complete, or cleans so much of the gun. This kit contains: 1 TCS Manufacturing Gas Tube Guide, a set of TCS Manufacturing Gas Tube Guide Liners, 10 TCS Manufacturing 24" Gas Tube Cleaners, 1 TCS Manufacturing AR Bore Guide Set,1 TCS Manufacturing Upper Receiver and Buffer Tube Cleaning Jag, 1 TCS Manufacturing 22 Caliber Bore Brush, 1 TCS Manufacturing 22 Caliber Cleaning Jag,1 TCS Manufacturing 5.56 Chamber Brush, 1 TCS Manufacturing Bore Paste, 1 TCS Manufacturing Ultimate Firearms Lube, 1 TCS Manufacturing Tactical Cleaning Solvent, 40 cotton swabs, 1 armorer's brush, 180 22 caliber Cotton Flannel Patches, 120 Upper Receiver Cotton Flannel Patches, 1 Pack Replacement O-rings and instructions. When you buy this kit, you should also buy the revolutionary new AR Upper Receiver & Buffer Tube Rod

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